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Humana App Development New Orleans Web Application User Interface Design


Humana App Development New Orleans Web Application User Interface Design


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My Well-Being is a service presented by Humana to allow visitors to participate in fun lifestyle games and activities that help promote healthy living. Exercising the body and the mind are at the core, but financial wellness and happy relationships are also important areas of focus to Humana.


The website offers tools for users to help inform and motivate changes towards positive goals in all areas of life. Humana asked Skuba to help develop key tools within the site for tracking active living and promoting healthy choices.


Skuba designed several key app UI (User Interface) components that were specifically made to be incredibly easy for visitors to use. By developing a daily challenge system that tracks participation and suggests activities, users can see a fun snapshot of their progress. These in site web applications are designed and developed with usability as a core focus.

Desktop-web-application-new-orleans-development-agency-fitness-app-humana-my-well-being-sized Humana-style-guide-design-color-palette Humana-web-application-fitness-app-new-orleans-development-company-design-firm-v2-2