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Internal Hiring and Onboarding Web Portal Design and Development

Volkswagen Group of America

Internal Hiring and Onboarding Web Portal Design and Development


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The Volkswagen family (VW, Audi, Lamborghini, Bently, Bugatti, and VW Credit) contacted us to design webpages to be used as a employee job board & onboarding system. Volkswagen is a company that knew exactly what they wanted, but their team was also very receptive to fresh ideas. With a solid style guide in hand we set out to make a design (within the Taleo development system) that reflected the VW Corporation's dedication to their employees.


While there was already a development system in place, there was absolutely room for Skuba to put it's unique flair on the corporate world. We even developed some custom Javascript code that was later integrated into the existing Taleo system that improved site wide usability.


This project was complicated due to some major restrictions in what we could do but the result was more than anyone expected. The portal allowed Volkswagen to hire new employees and rapidly get them up to speed on life within the company. We're happy to have worked with such nice of folks over at VW.

Volkswagen-group-of-america-website-design-screenshot-drive-your-career  large Volkswagen-group-of-america-website-design-display-audi-drive-your-career  large Volkswagen-group-of-america-website-design-audi-screenshot  large Volkswagen-group-of-america-website-design-vw-display-drive-your-career  large Volkswagen-group-of-america-website-design-vw-drive-your-career-screenshot  large