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CD Cases and Product Design for CompXpress


CD Cases and Product Design for CompXpress


  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Packaging


Product Design, Packaging Design, Name Development, Branding, Brochure, Sell Sheets, Collateral, Postcards for a Series of CD Holders, Bags, Visors and other items.


Develop multiple lines of products that would include bags, ipod cases, cd holders, mouse pads and like items that appeal to a variety of audiences. Stores that carried the products include Target, Moma, Barnes & Nobles, Borders,Tower Records and small boutiques located around the world.


We came up with the name & logo for Audiofile which was the umbrella of a line of CD & Audio holders. This line of products had some 50+ product designs under the Audiofile name. We developed a new packaging system that used a bucket design (think french fry container). Competitors were then using a cardboard sleeve which made it not only hard to get off of the hooks at stores but also impossible to see the whole CD holders & bags. The competitors ultimately changed their packaging to look like Audiofiles and in what was then a world of black only CD holders we revolutionized the industry providing designs that soon oversold competition. On this page we'll let the designs speak for themselves!

Compxpress-replay-24-cd-packaging-green-yellow-blue  large Compxpress-hi-gloss-24-cd-silver-packaging  large Compxpress-spiralava-purse-cd-case-product-tag-surfing  large Compxpress-terravisor-music-media-packaging-design-2  large